Change The Ottawa Greenbelt

Monday October 24th

Ottawa will have a new mayor and much different city council. Vote for me and I will work hard to make our ward and city better for everyone.

Corn Field Eco-City

Misplaced Corn Fields

Half of my urban Ward 9 consists of huge corn fields. We must first plant more trees in them, and then create very special housing.


We have an opportunity to lead the world in building new-age eco-communities. China surprisingly is currently leading the way in building these communties of the future.

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A Bold New Plan For Our City
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About Peter Westaway

I was born in Ottawa sixty years ago and grew up in Leslie Park, Nepean. After graduating from Sir Robert Borden High School I became a bicycle mechanic determined to be a small businessman like both my parents were.

I started my mobile bike service when I was only nineteen years old and became a Nepean taxi driver at twenty-two. I loved driving cab for the next twenty years while slowly growing my spring bike business. I grew to love our city and the people in it, but also grew to despise the huge corn fields along Greenbank Road that I drove accross countless times.

I currently live in Manordale and am very busy most of the year tuning up bikes all across the city. I will now continue to increase my efforts to change our beautiful city, and then I will go on to change the world.

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