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Much of the Greenbelt is special and can never be developed. But large farms like this belong out in the countryside, NEVER inside any city.

Parliament Buildings

I am very proud of my Country, and my City. But that doesn't mean that I accept everthing about them without question.


Ottawa's International Airport takes up more than TEN PERCENT of our precious "green" belt. The least Green area in Eastern Ontario.

Mer Bleu

Our Greenbelt has many precious areas such as Mer Bleu in the East, that I will insist never gets touched by any development.

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Change The Ottawa Greenbelt

I was born and raised in Ottawa, and will probably die here in fifty years. I love my city but I refuse to accept the Greenbelt in its current form. I am aware most people will be upset with this idea. Just because it has the word "green" in it, does not automatically mean that this belt is doing any good to our local environment. I believe firmly that it is doing much more harm than any perceived good. If the current Greenbelt was all a thick carpet of trees, then I would be the first one to insist it never be touched. But much of this land had its forests all clear cut many years ago.

I am not the first person to suggest this, nor will I be the last. I am just trying to make people aware of the negative aspect of the Greenbelt. I am well aware of all the many wonderful areas of the Greenbelt, such as Mer Bleu, Stony Swamp, Bruce Pit, and Shirley's Bay. I realize there are many more areas but these are the ones I am most familiar with. And I will always insist that none of these areas are touched. As well I want to preserve and expand all the many recreational paths.

It is the many large farms that I know, DO NOT BELONG inside any city. I hope they start developing the largest farms soon, and eventually develop all of them.


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